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  • Build walls, doorways and windows.

  • Remodeling or enhancing existing structures.

  • Barn or shed construction

  • Yard enhancements such as decks,  patios and gazebos.

  • Furniture construction including bookcases, shelves, cabinets, and tables.

  • Exterior decorative features including dormers, shutters, and awnings.

  • Home repair, including damaged flooring, door jams, etc.

  • Diagnosing stopped, plugged, or clogged drains.

  • Inspect plumbing system including: fittings, pipes, valves, meters and more.

  • Install wash machine hook up.

  • Fix, repair or replace bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilet, sink or tub.

  • Unclog any toilet, sink, shower or tub.

  • Repair all pipe and leaks.

  • Switch & outlet replacement.

  • Dimmer switch installation.

  • Smoke detector installation.

  • CO2 detector installation.

  • Electrical troubleshooting.

  • Household lighting  fixtures.

  • Complete paint and repaint services for both interior and exterior.

  • Repair or replacement of all woodwork including moldings and trim.

  • Removal of existing damage caulk and caulking area debris.

  • Application of new caulk.

  • Paint and stain options for all interior and exterior.

  • Full painting services that include the application of primer, enamel-based paints, latex-based paints, VOC paints or others.

  • Complete cleanup and waste removal.

Remodeling & More!
  • Reputable, stable remodeling services.

  • Remodeling of kitchens, baths, room additions and more.

  • Installation of vinyl, tile, carpeting, and hardwood floors.

  • Installation of window and door replacement.

  • Structural repair and cosmetic work.

  • Interior and exterior design.

  • Complete follow-up and follow-through with on-time scheduling.

  • Contact Us For More Services!

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